The Chandler Motor Company Guide – Signs Your Car Battery Has To Be Replaced

Having a weak or faulty car battery can be enough to cause you stress, and it can also lead to a long list of issues that car owners do not want to deal with when driving.

Here are five common signs that your car battery needs to be replaced

1) Difficulty Turning On The Vehicle

When you start the car, it will start sputtering. This is a sign that the car battery is not charging as it should, and that means it is not driving enough power to the rest of the vehicle.

First, this won’t be as noticeable. As time passes, the sputtering will continue to get longer and longer each time you attempt to turn the car on. This is a very frustrating experience and a sign that battery is losing juice.

2) Poor Performance In Cold Weather

In cold weather, the battery is not warmed up. If the battery is not at a 100% capacity, it is going to be a large concern due to cold weather putting an incredible amount of pressure on this part of the vehicle.

If the vehicle does not turn on quickly and easily during the winter, this is a sign that it is time to replace the battery.

3) Electrical Malfunctions

If the doors of your vehicle are not locking correctly or the windows are not closing using the button, it is possibly due to the car battery not powering them successfully.

It is best to replace the battery when this happens, because it will worsen in time.

4) Dashboard Lights & Lighting Issues

When the dashboard lights start to flash, it is a sign that the battery is dying. Numerous issues come to light and that is when warning lights flicker on the dashboard.

This can include the alternator not returning charge, which happens when a battery is low or weak.

5) Strange Odor

When there is an odd smell emanating from the vehicle, it is a known signal that there is something wrong with the battery. This smell is often compared to that of “rotten eggs” and it is a smell that continues to get worse over time.

The reason for this is due to the battery leaking gas. The sulfuric acid in the battery comes out of the battery, and is a large sign that a change is essential right away.

For the average person, diagnosing which part of these two systems could be causing the problem can be difficult. The experts at Chandler Motor Company can assist you, call us today.

The Chandler Motor Company Guide – Signs Your Car Battery Has To Be Replaced

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