Citroen Classics

What makes us here at Chandler Motor Company stand out from the rest is that, we are unique in the fact we still cater for Citroen Classics such as The DS, 2CV, XM, CX, AMI, H Van, Traction and many more.

Due to the great length of time we have been repairing Citroens for, we have the knowledge, tools and expertise to carry out any repair on these vehicles (including full WELDING facilities on site), as well as having the contacts to track down any part for your Classic you may require.

Our customer base of Citroen Classic owners is ever growing, especially with H Van owners. Our customers can rest their mind knowing that their vehicle is in very capable hands.

If you require any more information on this service, please contact us.
Citroen Hy Van 1963 

This Hy van is 1 of 3 among owned by Tin Can Events. They have lovingly restored 3 H Vans over the past few years and are now used as Vintage Coffee and Catering Vehicles.

Citroen H Van 

Following the growing trend of Citroen H Van being converted into Catering Vehicles, this is Ward and Williams H Van Claude.

Ward and Williams are located on the Harbour side in Bristol serving delicious coffee, tea, pastries, homemade cakes and freshly made sandwiches.

Citroen 2cv 1987
Tin Can Events H Van’s
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