The Chandler Motor Company Guide – The Check Engine Light

Whenever your vehicle’s dashboard starts to flicker – it is never a good sign.  Whether it is that your car needs fuel, a safety belt not fastened, a door open or the check engine light – it requires your immediate attention.  The difference between all the other lights and the check engine light, is that […]

The Chandler Motor Company Guide – How to tell if it is a battery or alternator issue

Is your vehicle refusing to start?  In most circumstances, issues with your car not starting has to do with a dying or dead battery, or a faulty alternator.  Some common signs of battery issues include: No sound or lights when you try to start your vehicle A clicking noise when you turn the key in […]

The Chandler Motor Company Guide – Signs Your Car Battery Has To Be Replaced

Having a weak or faulty car battery can be enough to cause you stress, and it can also lead to a long list of issues that car owners do not want to deal with when driving. Here are five common signs that your car battery needs to be replaced 1) Difficulty Turning On The Vehicle […]

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