Essential Car Maintenance and Service Checklist Part 2

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Here are some of the most important items on a car maintenance list, broken down into three groups:

Monthly Car Maintenance

Check the oil level.

Check the coolant level.

Check the brake fluid level.

Check and clean the wiper blades.

Check the windshield washer fluid.

Check the headlights on high and low.

Check the tyre pressure, tread, and condition.

Car Maintenance Every 3 Months

Change the oil and oil filter,

Check the fan belt,

Look for cracks in the hoses,

Check the battery and cables,

Look at the power steering fluid, and

Change the automatic transmission fluid.

Ask a technician if you’re not sure exactly when you should make an appointment. Also, if you have a problem with your car, call a member of our service staff right away. Don’t wait until your appointment.

Essential Car Maintenance and Service Checklist Part 2

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