Electric Citroen Ami Cargo Van Confirmed For UK Market

Citroen has confirmed that a commercial version of its electric city car, the Ami, will come to the UK next year. The new model will join Citroen’s growing line of electric vans as an urban delivery vehicle for moving smaller items around town centres. It will come right after the Ami, which can carry people.

From the outside, the Ami Cargo will look almost exactly like the passenger version, with a cool plastic body and a small footprint. But the interior has been redone to make the car better at carrying things.

Like the regular Ami, it will be changed for the UK market, but it will still drive on the left side of the road. The passenger seat on the right side has been taken out and replaced with a new cargo module that can hold up to 260 litres and 140 kg. Together with the space in the car’s trunk, this gives the car a total carrying capacity of 400 litres.

The car has a vertical wall that separates the driver from the cargo area. This wall is set up so that the driver has the most space behind the wheel and is safe from any loose items in the load bay. The vehicle also comes with a secondary modular shelf unit that can hold up to 40 kg and can be turned into a desk when the vehicle is parked.

A 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that is shared with the passenger car is hidden under the skin. This, along with an electric motor with 8 bhp, lets the car go up to 46 miles on a single charge, with no pollution coming out of the tailpipe. But the vehicle can only go 28 mph, which makes it hard to use outside of the city centre.

So, with a total length of 2.41 metres and a width of 1.39 metres, the vehicle is only made for use in cities. Citroen made the Ami as easy to turn as possible by making the turning circle only 7.2 metres.

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Electric Citroen Ami Cargo Van Confirmed For UK Market

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