Do you feel like your suspension is giving you problems Part 1

Do you feel like your suspension is giving you problems?

The suspension in your car is made to give you control while driving. We often don’t think much about the suspension system in our cars. Most people don’t pay as much attention to a car’s suspension as they do to its engine, transmission, and brakes.

Here are some things to watch out for when it comes to your car’s suspension:

Does one side of your car pull when you drive?

If your car pulls to one side when you’re driving, the problem could be with your tyres, shocks, or brakes.

The first thing to do is to look at your tyres. Make sure your tyres have the right amount of air in them. Tires that are too full or too empty can make driving unstable. If you have already checked this and the problem still happens, look at how worn your tyres are.

If you notice that your tyres are wearing unevenly, you should have Autoworks check your car to make sure none of the suspension parts are wearing out.

Having trouble steering?

If your steering wheel feels stiff when you’re driving at low speeds, it could be a sign that there’s a problem with your suspension. But hard steering could also mean that there isn’t enough power steering fluid, that the power steering pump is broken, that the power steering rack is leaking, or that the control arm bushes are worn out.

If your steering doesn’t work right, it’s dangerous to drive. If you feel like you’re having trouble steering, you should get your car checked as soon as possible.

Do you feel like your suspension is giving you problems Part 1

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