Benefits of a car service Part 1

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Did you know that UK drivers spend an estimated £20 billion a year on servicing and fixing their cars? The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said that in a report (SMMT).

There’s no doubt that’s a lot of money to spend every year, but drivers who take care of their cars will benefit from it.

Most of the time, cars and vans have a hard time, especially with the weather and roads in Britain. If you drive a lot and cover a lot of miles every year, this will cause wear and tear.

Manufacturers are well aware of this, which is why cars need to be serviced to replace important fluids like oil and the oil filter and check the condition of other parts like the brakes.

By doing the necessary maintenance, you actually make the car last longer. This is because new fluids and parts make sure that the car is running at its best. When you bring your car to Chandler Motor Company for service, we don’t just change the fluids and wearable parts. One of our technicians also does a health check on the vehicle and makes a video report about it

Benefits of a car service Part 1

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