Get your Citroen Serviced with Expert hands

Service for Citroen

Your car needs to be serviced regularly to keep it safe and running well, and a full service history will help you get the most money when you sell it. Booking your Citroen service at one of our Citroen service centres is the best way to make sure your car gets the service it needs.

An expert Citroen technician does all the maintenance work on your car to keep it safe and running well, and you can count on us to provide you with excellent vehicle and customer service. All of our Citroen technicians know you and your model inside and out, and all service work is done with genuine Citroen parts and tools.

We can do scheduled maintenance on Citroen models that are still under warranty. We’ll take care of your car to the exact standards set by the manufacturer based on its recommended maintenance schedule. Older Citroen cars can also get both full and major service at our service centres.

At our service centres, Chandler Motor Company offers a variety of repairs and maintenance services for Citroen cars. From small SMART repairs to more serious accident repairs, our expert Citroen technicians are the best people to get your car back in good shape.

We make fixing your car easy and cheap, and we’ll have you back on the road in no time. All repairs and maintenance will be done at one of our approved Citroen service centres. There, our technicians will fix your car according to manufacturer standards, using genuine Citroen parts and equipment to make sure you get the best finish and can safely get back on the road.

Get your Citroen Serviced with Expert hands

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